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donderdag 19 januari 2012


Picture made by
Picture made by
 Hoooray! My newest fabric design on Spoonflower won the cityscape contest!!! I'm so surprised and happy. Delft is the town i grew up; so for me it had to be a Delft design...choosing a colorpalete for the design had never been so easy :) Thanks to all who voted for my design!

From the Spoonflower email:
'Dutch City Delft Gets Its Own Fabric
Today we wrap up our cityscape contest, which spawned a travel guide's worth of amazing, charming and unique fabrics. The winner, however, was none other than Bora, our all-time Spoonflower contest champ, who chose to commemorate her home town of Delft, in South Holland, a city famous for its blue pottery, home to the painter Vermeer (thank heavens Wikipedia is back up this morning!). Other cities celebrated in the top ten include Venice, New York, Milwaukee, London, Stockholm, Basel, San Francisco, Kowloon, and Amsterdam. What fun!'

maandag 16 januari 2012

Little Forest Bunting & Giveaway

My little forest bunting design is produced by Lillestoff too! The quality of the organic cotton is really beautiful! On one meter there are 36 flags shapes to make 18 flags! I made a cute package including the fabric, instructions how to make, 8 meter natural cotton biastape, a woven BORA label and a fridge magnet. Soon available in my shop. If you want to buy you can also send me an email.

And to celebrate my birthday i giveaway a package of DIY bunting on my facebook fanpage!!!

dinsdag 10 januari 2012

Eyes On

I recieved this beautiful chinese art magazine with an article about me! It's so funny to see all the stuff i sewed and designed for my kids in a magazine.  Yu Zhao, the european editor of this magazine ask me for an interview. Unfortunatelly i can't read chinese, but i'm sure he made a nice story,   Thank you Yu!