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donderdag 10 april 2014

Let it grow...

It was a little quiet for a while on my blog. That was because i gave birth to a beautiful little girl on 7th of March. It's great to have 3 lovely kids now. Everything is going well and i started slowly with work in the little times i have between the naps of the little one :)
I'm not yet working on jobs with deadlines though, that has to wait till she's a little bigger. But my head is full with new inspiration!

Although it's already a month ago i still wanted to show you the card, poster and cute envelop (printed on growing paper! ) i designed during my pregnacy.
At this moment there are tiny little plants growing now. And i'll post some pictures when there's more to see :)

Have a nice sunny springtime and ...let it all grow...

donderdag 6 maart 2014

Lily Balou t-shirts by BORA

For the lovely Belgian clothing brand Lily Balou i made 5 illustrations with a fair theme. Their collection is really beautifull. I'm happy i could do some designs for them.

maandag 24 februari 2014

The wild west...cowboys and indians!!!
Licenced by Lillestoff. They printed it on their amazing organic jersey fabrics! I can't wait starting sewing my kids a wild-west-shirt and an indian-dress :)

Raponsje, raponsje laat je haren zakken...

Raponsje op stof en poster en vosjes stof in mint. Design door mij en de zachte bio tricot stoffen gemaakt door Lillestoff.

maandag 17 februari 2014

Bora Wallpapers

I'm very happy to announce i've got BORA wallpapers in my shop!
And not only on a roll, but i also sell small pieces to decorate furniture and crafts to make the kids rooms a happy place to play and sleep.
The wallpapers are printed on a good quality paper and eco-friendly. To see more check out here.
The jungle, foxes, airballoons, apples, camping designs and radish are ready to ship.

A French interview ...

with 'Esprit scrapbooking magazine'

dinsdag 14 januari 2014

Bijna met verlof...

Bij deze wil ik alvast iedereen op de hoogte brengen dat ik 31 januari met zwangerschapsverlof zal zijn. Stil zitten zal ik niet doen en mijn handen jeuken om leuke dingen te maken zolang ik mijn handjes nog vrij heb. Maar opdrachten neem ik niet meer aan helaas.

From 31 januar i will not do jobs for clients because i'll be making everything ready for the birth of our third child. I can't sit still ofcourse; so i problably make a lot of nice stuff you'll find here on this blog, on instagram or facebook.