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dinsdag 2 mei 2017

Let's build a treehouse - fabric design and our forest adventure!

 This new fun children design is licenced by Lillestoff. It's been printed in a small amount on high quality organic jersey fabric. Although it's been sold out in my shop now; i hope to recieve some more meters soon :)

First let me tell you about my inspiration:
If there's a weekend when me, my husband and 3 kids have no social obligations or work to do we visit our little piece of land on the border of the Netherlands and Belgium. Together with a couple of friends we own this piece of wood. We make a fire, clean up falling trees and leaves. Cooking, relaxing or work on a building project. This gave me a lot of inspiration for the design. The children love being in nature; they think of new games everytime we're there. They play with branches, sand, and dirt! 

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