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donderdag 14 juli 2011

I've won a scooter!!!

I've won a scooter!!! I still can't believe it! Not with a design contest this time...but with a lot of luck :-)
Our local scootershop 'Sunder Bromfietsen' has given the Sym Tonic to me today! I'm so happy. I'm now hoping the rain will stop so i can take a ride to town! I've chosen a 25 km/u i won't have to wear a helmet...but i love to draw helmets...they make a character so funny :D

4 opmerkingen:

Steve Haskamp zei

Congratulations! Enjoy the new scooter. I love your illustration of the girl on the scooter. Is it you?


Oh congrats! Safe riding!!



Nancy Kers zei

Haha, wat cool!!!