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zondag 21 augustus 2011

Apple tree pinafore!

Here it is; a pinafore with the appletree design. I sewed it a couple days ago to see if the pattern is ok. After trying it on my daughter i adjusted the pattern shape. I still need to try it on a bigger girl, but i think it will fit to a 3 year old too. First it's a dress...then it can be worn as a tunic or top.
And it's reversible too :-)
You can purchase the fabric (pattern is printed on it) here:

3 opmerkingen:

Nancy Kers zei

Supercute!!!! Don't you just love making clothes for girls ;-) hihi

Deborah van de Leijgraaf zei

Yes it's so great. But i think it's also fun for to make something for's just a little more difficult :-(

Jan May zei

Absolutely gorgeous :)