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donderdag 5 juli 2012

Handpuppet books

These 4 books are illustrated by me and written by Annelien Wehrmeijer.
As you can see i've been very busy with these! And the good news is that the serie of books will get bigger, because i just finished 4 new ones. But that will be blogged later :)

For those of you who would love to buy them for the little ones here are the ISBN numbers.
ISBN 978 94 6144 2192 'Emma en Bo'
ISBN 978 94 6144 2185 'Daan en Max'
ISBN 978 94 6144 1751 'In het circus'
ISBN 978 94 6144 1744 'In het bos'

3 opmerkingen:

My Mucki zei


these books are soooo cute. I love your illustrations and hope we can buy these books sometime in german!

Lovely greetings from Germany!

Lotte zei

Oh super! iets voor mijn andere passie: prentenboeken ;)

Deborah van de Leijgraaf zei

Thank you Sonja! Dank je Lotte!