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dinsdag 29 mei 2012

Dreaming of Summer little dress


I sewed my little girl a new summerdress with my 'dreaming of summer' fabric design. It was an easy sewing project without a sewing pattern to cut and make.
She's looking so cute in the dress :) The most difficult was taking a picture of her, but with a piece of bread in her hand it went well!

The fabric is available at Spoonflower.

'Rox' sidecar

...and here's a picture of my kids in our modern 'Stern Rox' sidecar. It was such a beautiful sunny day to ride. We really enjoyed it. And if you like the fabric design with motorcycles and sidecars i made (see previous blog) you can vote now in the Spoonflower contest :)

woensdag 23 mei 2012

Good old times!

A new design for Spoonflower contest of the week 'motorcycle'. I really needed to join this theme, because i grew up with motorcycles and motorcycle vacations. As a kid i was sitting next to my sister in a sidecar when we went camping in France. And i passed on this family-tradition :) So nowadays my kids are having fun in a sidecar too. And ofcourse we also go camping! Everything is packed in and on our motorbikes: toys, cooking stuff, sleepingbags, chairs, music instruments and more... It's always a challence to get all our stuff on the bikes :) But when we succeed and drive away we're feeling so happy and free!