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woensdag 27 juli 2011

Coffee rings are fun!

My newest design on Spoonflower made for the upcoming contest 'coffee'.
No worry about coffee stains on your tablecloth anymore with this fabric. It will only add some more color to the fabric! And if you get remarks about it: You can blame me and say the designer meant it to be that way...haha ;-)

6 opmerkingen:

Marloes de Vries zei

Wat leuk zeg!

emily b zei

So creative!

Stephanie Seed zei

This is really nice, i love it, is it being made? If so where could I get it?

Stephanie Seed zei

Oh never mind, realised you posted a link to it :P

Deborah van de Leijgraaf zei

Thanks! @stephanie It isn't available yet, but it will be. I need to see the fabric first. I think this will take a week or 2. (i've ordered the fabric already and need to wait) Unless it's in the top 10 on the contest than it will be for sale next week. So please vote for it ;-)

Zepol Ilustradora zei

hoooo, todo es hermoso, muy cute.