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donderdag 15 september 2011

Blue Birds and Little Red Riding Hood


My newest entry on Spoonflower. A Little Red Riding Hood pattern design with an autumn theme.
You can find the collection on Spoonflower.

...and this is my entry of the previous contest 'birds'. A collection made in a restricted pallette (with one color to choose myself) I'm looking forward seeing it all on fabric :) 

The bird design ended in top 10! Thanks a lot for the votes :)

4 opmerkingen:

Marloes de Vries zei

Heel leuk!

sanityseeker zei

I LOVE your work. I have been reading here for 6 months or so. Your fabric designs are incredible, I wish I could have 6 yards of each print in each type of fabric. I would sew all the time with such bright, cheery designs!!!
What is your take on the printed interlock from Spoonflower? I have heard that the quality is not very good.

Anouk zei

oe! aa!! stuiterstuiter!! wat een superserie weer!

is t al bijna 14 oktober? ;D

Deborah van de Leijgraaf zei

Dank je Marloes en Anouk!!! ..14 oktober duurt niet meer zo heel lang Anouk :)

Thank you Sanityseeker and Annie! @sanityseeker: the printed interlock of spoonflower is not my favorit unfortunately :(
But if you have some patience...some of my designs will be made in a good organic interlock of good quality by a wholesaler. And available in my Etsy shop when they do! (like the on wheels fabric)